Don’t Know Him from AAADM

When you trust Edelman-Lyon with your automatic doors, you can be confident that you have a fully-trained, AAADM certified technician installing and servicing your investment. Coupled with a knowledgeable sales team that is familiar with ANSI 156.10 and ANSI 156.19 guidelines, it ensures safety for your customers and you as an owner.

But what does it mean to be AAADM certified and why does that matter?

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) has maintained a program for inspectors and technicians to go through an in-depth training and certification focused on current industry safety standards since their start in 1994. As the use of automatic doors continues to grow, the dedication to the safe operation of your doors becomes increasingly important.

There are several benefits to using a company that employs AAADM certified technicians, including:

  • Proper maintenance and installation to provide safe and consistent operation
  • Familiarity with industry standards to include the proper designing, manufacturing, installation, and
    service of automatic doors of all kinds
  • Dedicated commitment to our customers by devoting time and attention to ensuring the industry’s best
    quality and safety standards

While our technicians and planned maintenance program can help ensure the longevity of your doors, it is also important to remember to perform your Daily Safety Inspection. If anything isn’t working right, call us right away and one of our AAADM certified technicians will get it fixed for you.

When the time comes to add or upgrade the automatic doors at your facility, you can reach out to us at or simply give us a call!