Electric Privacy Glass – The Germ Free Option

In the midst of global change and a drive for a more germ-free environment, especially in hospitals, it is not surprising to see that medical environments are getting rid of the old privacy curtains and tracks. Edelman-Lyon has helped several hospitals upgrade their facilities from the old curtains to new, electric privacy glass that turns on at the flip of a switch.

Electric privacy glass has many benefits for your location! A few of these include, but aren’t limited to:

· It’s easy to clean – No need to take down curtains and wash them regularly. You’d be surprised to know how rarely the curtains are cleaned. Electric privacy glass can be easily disinfected between patients!

· Touchless control options – We have options for turning on the privacy glass that don’t include you having to touch it, such as a touchless wave to open switch. Simply wave your hand in front of it, and let it do what you need it to on its own. For those who don’t need a fully-automatic option, a manual version can be furnished with anti-microbial touch points further eliminating germ risks.

· It’s the permanent solution – While privacy curtains need to be replaced regularly, electric privacy glass has a life span of several years. Without the need to replace the curtains, it’s not only a budget friendly option but it offers a low-maintenance option that doesn’t risk going out of style.

· Not limited to just hospitals – Electric privacy glass may have been originally intended for hospitals, but it’s a great germ-free option for offices, dental offices, senior centers, and more!

There are plenty of reasons to make the change to electric privacy glass when upgrading your location, and we are here to help. Give us a call today at 1-800-363-2460 or email us at DoorService@edelman-lyon.com to see what options we have for you!