Our Guide to Keeping Your Door Operating Properly

How is your automatic door operating? Your door is often the first impression for a new customer walking into your building. Check out these tips for keeping your doors in their best working condition!

Regular Cleaning

Follow these easy tips for keeping your door clean and functioning as expected!

  • Regularly check the door area for tripping or slipping hazards and ensure there is nothing blocking the sensor (such as bulletin boards, shopping carts, or displays)
  • Keep the track free of any debris or dirt by including the door track and vestibule in your daily cleaning routine
  • Use glass cleaner and Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner to keep doors clean. You should never use any product with Alkaline or sodium-based products to protect the finish on your doors

Planned Maintenance Program

Ensure the longevity of your investment by considering a customized Planned Maintenance Program!

  • Planned Maintenance Programs include (2) stops per year to perform routine maintenance
  • Any other needed service calls are billed at only 50% the standard rate for travel and labor

Call us for service right away if anything isn’t right

As always, if your door isn’t working in its best condition, just give us a call or shoot us an email! One of our friendly, experienced, and AAADM certified technicians will come out to help!

Call us today to serve any of your automatic door needs! 1-800-363-2461

Or email us at DoorService@edelman-lyon.com