Swing Doors

Manual Swing Door Applications

Hollow Metal, Wood, and Aluminum Storefront

Doors and Frames

  • Various Hardware Options
  • Fire or Non-Rated Doors

Typical Package Dimensions Include

  • 3’0” X 7’0”
  • 3’6” X 7’0”
  • 4’0” X 7’0”

With the ability to configure the function, material and configuration to best fit your entrance. Automatic and manual swing doors include hollow metal, wood, and aluminum storefront. Automatic Operators can be added to manual swing doors at the initial installation or retrofitted to an existing swing door to achieve an automatic entrance that helps with accessibility. With activation methods such as push plates, sensors, touchless activation, radio controls, keypads and card readers our ADA compliant Low Energy and Full Energy door operators offer the ultimate configuration flexibility for entering and exiting your space.